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THOUGHTS . Garden of Delight

One of the best things in this world would be lying on someone-who-you-hold-dear-to-your-heart's lap. Seventy-seven times better than solving any three day old bug using a WinAPI+ActiveX approach.

Next would be lying on your back on a smooth wooden bench in a garden of Bermuda grass surrounded by twelve trees on a softly windy afternoon listening to the rattling of tree leaves and the music of chirping birds and breeze. You look above and all you see are leaves and twigs with the occasional peeping of the blue sky and the glistening the sun rays in the right part of your eye. Such pure bliss… that I realized I have been dealing with this abstract thing called 'software' for years now that I often forget this feeling of being 'one with nature' these days.

Now I'm adding in my to-get list a garden of delight where I can install a computer or two in the middle of that place.

There's also this wooden gym besides that garden in the place we visited earlier this day. The gym is packed with body building stuff, a billiard table, a ping pong table, a jaguar car (don't ask me why it's there) and this videoke set. But none of them grabbed my attention except for that big brown punching bag in the middle of the room. I think keyboards soften the fingers for it took only less than five minutes of random punching with boxing gloves before my fingers began to ache. Right now as I am typing this, my left little finger is still in pain.

You know I should have that one too in the future… a punching bag where I can sort of transfer the printed form of the code that is bugging me for a certain day and lash my anger towards it by punching it until my knuckles ache.

Hmm… which prompts me to ask this question... what do you do when you're pissed with your codes/computer project by the way? How about sharing your in-front-of-the-PC angst rituals?

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