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Goodness that exists... in humans.

Yesterday was one tiring client visit. (Buffered blog. So 'yesterday' here means some time last week.)

Productive, I might say, but still... tiring.

Most client visits we can finish in less than five hours. Updates are already planned, logged and ready to be executed and implemented on site.

We have 9 database systems running on approximately 20+ computers in this client, used by 6 different offices distributed in three different buildings.

Add the President's office that we oftentimes visit, their server/IT room which we sometimes raid, and another administrative staff office, all in all we visit 9 offices in a lucky day.

Yesterday's mission involves re-orienting the new batch of staff, and the old ones as well.

Funny how we end up discussing in the span of for four and a half hours, problems that are, in a way, not directly related to the flow of the systems, but which lie more in the manner by which the systems are implemented and are mostly outside the 'direct scope' of the programs.

(You can't program a program that will convince the Admin about the effects of issueR that involve staffL and her fascination about alien life forms and databases, which if you look closely, might indeed help staffC and headstaffQ in the usage of the system.)

Out of respect to the client, we will refrain from delving into that... for now.

All in all we were able to address, give recommendations and point out the advantages and disadvantages of the things they want to happen.

Tiring but smooth. A couple of hours on the bus and we're home. Five hours travel time to and fro and seven and a half hours of presence in the client's site.

Smooth... yeah... until I discovered the next day that I had left a CD in the client's CD-ROM drive containing all the files, source codes, and proposals we have been working on for the past three and a half years.

I'm sure I did freak out for 10 minutes or so... called the gods of thunder and wind... wanted to find a picture of myself, pin it on the wall emblazoned with 'stupid programmer' as its label in a 192-point bold formatted Impact font.

I sms-ed one of the admin staff of that site, but she was not in the workplace.

Another 10 minutes went by with me blaming myself and thinking of how I will design the frames of that stupid-picture frame.

When I calmed down, I knew I had two choices.

One is to brave the storm, tomorrow or the next day, if not today, travel for around five hours and 'rescue' the CD. Transportation expenses, time spent, and probably extra medicines (in case the storm melts my external shields) is of course justified considering the contents of that CD.

The second option is... well... trust in the goodness that exists in humanity, however dormant it may seem these days. That human integrity is still there.

I chose the latter option. I'll take the risk.

Risky indeed it is... but some things are worth believing in.


If in the future, this sort of test fails... I have always kept a cybernetically enhanced pterodactyl who inspite of being a pesco-vegetarian for the last 17 years of its 10012 years of existence has been wanting to break out of that way of life since that past 7 years but has not found enough reason to do so... : )

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