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An old college classmate gave me an offline message containing a dailyWTF link on my newly upgraded YM.

I didn't bother checking.

For one, dailywtf asks for a login password. Something it was not doing before. I have that site on my rssreader... but I haven't been using an rssreader for months now.

(Update: It was asking for a password when I first scribbled this... around two weeks ago. And looks like the post itself was removed. Interesting. OR probably it was asking for a pasword because it has already been removed.)

An RSS reader is an information-overwhelming device I still have to figure out how to use without sacrificing productivity on my part especially these days that I'm only online for around 15 or so hours a week.

Second reason probably is this is another anti-FoxPro link from a classmate with whom I had constant VB versus VFP 'battles' before. (Those Visual FoxPro rules... VB drools types of 'friendly arguments'.)

This is from someone who thinks Visual FoxPro is not object-oriented.

Yeah those types... : ]

VFP of course has been churning out OOP-powered alien repellants years before VB could even pronounce the word 'inheritance'.

But I did promise myself not to bash another PL considering that somewhere in this Earth, a decent and honest programmer I'm sure is working on one, using it to provide a decent life supporting his decent family and probably a dog, while warding off alien invasions during his free time.

(Besides if you want to 'attack' VB itself, you can always point to their own wikipedia entry and quote Edsger Dijkstra's words : )

I'm also pass that attitude where you ask what their PL can do and I'll show you what FoxPro can do using three fingers in one third the amount of time it takes for that other PL to do... development, run time and maintanence related time frames included.

(Throw in cost-effectiveness and it's a no match to the nTH degree.)

Of course I know FoxPro, though a mature product existing for two decades also has some limitations.

So when Mz told me he'll shift modules from FoxPro to Delphi on one of his projects and pointed out the underlying reasons.

I understood his reasons.

He's been using FoxPro for more than ten years. Though I strongly believe that with a proper overhaul and more intricate database structure planning on that project, VFP could have done it even without Delphi's help.

I believe him because he has used FoxPro.

The problem here is there are so many humans who tend to blast Visual FoxPro without having have tried to use it in the first place.

During my immature VFP-versus-VB war days where I would involve myself in various anti-VB wars just for fun, I have already used VB (versions 3 and 5) for 4 years, 'downgraded' to Clipper 5.2/'87 and re-upgraded myself to VFP5 and later to version 6.

Most of those who attack VFP/FoxPro are those who haven't used it.

Try using it for a month or two... you'll see the difference.

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